Not all who wander are lost….

I wrote the following “About Me” section five years ago, when I was in law school and hoping to pursue a career in the Foreign Service.  When I expired off the hiring register in 2014, I stopped updating this blog.  Now, four years later, I’m coming back to it.  I have done a lot of traveling over the last four years that I want to share, and I’m looking forward to more in the future.  If you are visiting to learn about my travels, please forgive the historical posts about law school and the Foreign Service.  I could remove them, but I also know some people are still visiting this site for the information in them, so for now, I’m leaving them on this site.  Feel free to ignore them and pretend the posts on this site start here, in 2018.


I realize for many my name needs some explanation.  For those who know me well, there is no need, but for others, here goes.

First, I am (hopefully) embarking on a career in the Foreign Service, which will (hopefully) take me around the world, while allowing me to continue working for my favorite Uncle Sam (sorry to my real Uncles for that one!)  In the meantime, my travel activities for my current job and for my current education are picking up, and I can’t take everyone with me, but I can take my computer, and report back through the wonders of technology.

Second, my Browncoat.  I love my brown coat, it’s long, and suede, and fabulous.  But, what’s in a name?  The “Browncoat” of this blog refers to my inclusion in an elite group of crazy, geeky, fans of a cult television show from the early 2000s called Firefly, and the full length feature film conclusion to the show, Serenity.  I expect some of my favorite quotations from the show will make their way into my posts.  I can’t explain my… I think it’s fair to call it obsession…. with this show, it just hits a nerve for me.  For those who don’t get it, and that’s fine, let’s just stick with the fact that my brown coat will be joining me on my travels.


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