Expired! But Moving On

Well, as of today (or sometime this week) I’ll officially expire off the Foreign Service Consular Register from my October 2011 candidacy. By all accounts it has been a rough 18 months on the register, with classes being canceled, small class sizes, and changing hiring patterns at State and across the rest of the federal government. I’m disappointed to have gone through the whole process with nothing to show for it, but I guess that’s how it goes.

On the plus side, I finished law school in December, studied for, took, and passed the Virginia Bar Exam in February, and walked in my commencement ceremony yesterday. So now I guess I’d better take a shot at using this degree I’ll be paying for for the next decade. I think my plans to join the Foreign Service will have to wait for a few years.

So what now? Well, I’m getting out of town. I started this blog when I was doing a lot of traveling for work, but that’s dwindled over the last year as my office tried to avoid furloughs. It may pick up again, but I’m not going to let that dictate my travel plans. For the last four years, I’ve used most of my vacation days for school-related endeavors, from the month-long study abroad program I did in The Hague, to the almost five weeks I took off to study for the bar. Using those big chunks of vacation time didn’t leave a lot of time for actual vacation, other than the Ireland trip I took last year. So, I’m making up for it now. I just bought a ticket to go visit friends in Singapore and Malaysia, and to meet up with my Aunt in Indonesia! I’m looking forward to exploring a part of the world I’ve never visited before, and hope this is the first of many trips. And later this year my mother and I will attempt to replicate the fun we had in Ireland when we go to Croatia! As always, I welcome any travel tips on where to go and what to see, in these and any other locations.

And hopefully I’ll get better at keeping my New Year’s Resolution to post more to this blog.


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