Interlude (or, How I Plan to Spend My Summer Vacation)

As I can see the end of my semester approaching on the horizon, and knowing I’ll have more than a month off before my summer classes begin, I find myself making lists of what I will do with all this free time.  Also, hopefully putting this out there for the world will actually motivate me to do some of the less pleasant things on this list.  So here goes; so far, here are the highlights:

1) Finish blog posts about Ireland.  I realize it has been well over a month since I got back from vacation, and I lost momentum in posting about our trip about halfway through.  So, I need to go back and finish that up.  I apologize for those still waiting to hear about St. Patty’s Day in Dublin– see, it’s first on my to-do list!

2) Derby Day!  Although this will probably happen before I finish the Ireland posts.  Every year, some family friends throw a party for the Kentucky Derby, and every year my family goes.  Actually, I think it’s fair to say that a member of my family has been at this party every year since the party began in… the 1970s?  Every year except last year.  So, this year we will have a lot of catching up to do with everyone!

3) Cleaning.  Not nearly as exciting as the first two, but oh, so necessary, so it makes it to third on my list.  I’m not sure where to start, but included in this are cleaning my apartment, my car, and cleaning out my closet– which yes, is different than cleaning my apartment.  Of course, after I clean out my closet and donate stuff to Goodwill, I’ll have all this extra space, so I’ll need to fill it.

4) Shopping.  I grimace just typing that.  But, I realized the other day I was wearing the same exact outfit to work that I wore on my first day at my current job– almost five years ago.  So, I think it’s time for some new threads, and I don’t think I need to feel guilty about buying new clothes.  But let’s be honest, that’s not what’s been keeping me from updating my wardrobe. The fact that I hate shopping and trying things on has really been the holdup.  But it’s time, so I’m gonna suck it up.  Anyone want to hit the outlets?

5) Catch up with friends.  Who have been sorely neglected for months now.  And you all know who you are, and that I’m sorry.  So, starting next weekend (not this weekend because it’s Derby weekend!), I’m ready to fill up my calendar with activities.  Wine tastings? Sure.  Movies?  Star Trek comes out soon, who’s going with me?  Baseball game?  Nats or O’s?  Dinner?  Turns out at least three restaurants and two bars have opened across the street from me in the last six months, and I have yet to try any of them.  Who’s gonna help me fix that?  Honestly, this should be much higher up the list, but while I hope to check off most of the things above here, I’ll be happy coming back to this one all summer.

6) Reading.  For FUN!  I have stacks of books just staring at me while I sit on my couch studying.  The most difficult question I hope to face in the next few weeks is: which one first?  I think I need to finish Storm of Swords, then… I have no idea.

What’d I forget?  I’m sure this list will grow, and oh too soon it will be time for classes to start again.  I can only hope I make a dent, especially in the cleaning.


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