Chasing Rainbows (Ireland Part 3)

My apologies, I know I slacked off on posting about my vacation, got caught up catching up at work and school.  To pick up where I left off…

We left Killarney the next day to head south to Cork, but en route we looped back through the Killarney National Park leg of the Ring of Kerry because the day before it was already getting dark by the time we got there.  We stopped at Torc Waterfall and Ladies Point– named as such because Queen Victoria and her ladies maids loved the view when they visited.  Of course, as soon as we parked it began raining, so we ran inside the gift shop to wait it out.  When it let up and I went to take some pictures while Mom continued shopping.  I spotted my first rainbow of the day.  Later as we drove south I spotted another, and spent the rest of the day searching for more.  We wandered around Kenmare for a while, which was just getting its summer farmer’s market underway.  We stopped by their Druid Circle, which I expected to be like Stonehenge, but was really more like a fire circle of big rocks.  Sorry to any druids I offend by not being overly impressed.

Our next stop was Blarney Castle where yes– I kissed the Blarney Stone.  I figured the gift of gab could only come in handy during my second FSO candidacy or any other job interviews I may have in the future.  Plus, since it was pre-tourist season, there wasn’t a line, so after hiking up to the top of the castle it seemed like a wasted climb to not kiss the stone.  Mom took pictures.  We then headed to Cork, arriving just in time for rush hour, and suddenly the country leisurely driving part of our trip was over.

Next up: the Rock of Cashel, Waterford, Killkeny, and Dublin!


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