“360 Degrees of Pretty” (Ireland Part 2)

“The Ring of Kerry is a tourist trail in County Kerry, south-western Ireland. The route covers the 179 km circular road, starting from Killarney, heading around the Iveragh Peninsula and passing through Kenmare, Sneem, Waterville, Cahersiveen and Killorglin.”

Day 3 of our trip was filled with scenery, as we dedicated the entire day to the Ring of Kerry.  We again marveled at the benefits of avoiding tourist season, as we were able to move at our own pace– stopping along the side of the road to snap some pictures, and feel our way along the narrow roads we would not have wanted to share with tour buses.  We had amazing weather, blue skies and fluffy white clouds– for the most part.  But as promised, the Ring offered all different kinds of views and terrain, and weather:


Mom really enjoyed driving up the switchbacks, and I appreciated the variety of warning signs along the way.  We paid to visit the spot advertised as “the best views in Ireland,” but we were unwilling to commit to that; personally I think some other views we saw were better, but to each their own. We both appreciated the spray-painted sheep, and wondered what happens to the markings when it rains?:


My favorite spot was Sneem.  Partly for the name of the town (which makes me think of Monty Python’s Knights Who Say Nee, and Professor Snape), the bakery where we snagged a fantastic brownie and some coffee and hot cocoa, but most importantly…. the town time capsule:

Sneem millenium capsule
Sneem millenium capsule

We ran out of time and decided we needed to go back through the end of the Ring the next day on our way to Cork….


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