False Start

I got home from class last night, so excited Spring Break had begun, and in a few hours I’d be on my way to Ireland!  Met my mother at the airport a dutiful two hours before our flight to Boston, where we would have a 3+ hour layover before our flight to Dublin.  Piece of cake.

4.5 hours after arriving at the airport, we finally board our short hop to Boston; it seems the storm in New England was delaying landings at Logan, so our flight left over three hours late.  We landed in Boston and taxied for a solid 10 minutes before getting to the gate, where the gangway got stuck (probably some frozen gear) for a few minutes.  We raced to the bus to go to the international terminal, only to have to wait a minute before the bus leaves.  After three stops, the driver gets off; says his shift is over, and another driver will be right over.  We get off and get in a cab, for what turns out to be about a 90 second taxi ride.  We race through the terminal, get someone to escort us to the front of the security line, bolt through security and to our gate….which is completely dark.  The attendants from another airline at the next gate say the plane left… about 10 minutes ago.

So, we’re spending the first night of our vacation at an airport hotel in Boston.  The good news is we had sort of built an extra day into our trip at the beginning, so we’re not really off track.

I’d also like to mention that despite the fact that at every turn the airlines and airports made less than any effort to help at all– refusing to call the gate to say the flight had landed, or that we were running through security so to not pull away from the gate, or even to tell us what gate our connection was out of– all of the people we encountered were in our corner.  People were more than willing to cut us some slack and help us out– getting off our flight in Boston people were pushing us to the front of the plane, and telling us to shove past them to get off the plane to run to our gate; and at the security line, people were more than willing to let us cut the line.  Although it ultimately didn’t get us there in time, amid our frenzy and the uselessness of the airline, the kindness of strangers stands out as the highlight of the day.

Tomorrow, it’s off to Ireland (for real this time)!  And according to my hotel room key, we are clearly meant to make it!



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