St. Louis

Last week I took my first business trip of the year to St. Louis.  It was that or Detroit.  One of my colleagues scored that trip.  On a related note, the two most dangerous cities in the U.S.?  Recently reported to be Detroit and St. Louis.  So, we each said farewell with the ever popular departing words “don’t get shot.”  I succeeded, and am back in one piece.  I expect the same is true for her, but I guess I won’t know until tomorrow.

I’ve only been to St. Louis once before; when I visited WashU as a potential undergrad applicant.  My Dad and I took a trip out because he was arguing a case in the Court of Appeals; my needing to see the college was a good excuse for him to take that work trip.  I don’t remember a lot about that trip; I know we went up the Arch at the time, and when I went this time everything was familiar.  And I remember sitting in the gallery while he argued the case.  That’s pretty much it.  So, this trip was new and familiar at the same time.  

Our hosts at the office took me and my colleagues out for lunch on The Hill, then my colleagues and I had a little time to check out The Arch.  At which point I realized I’d forgotten my camera on my coffee table.  Luckily, I recently began using my Dad’s old iPhone, which it turns out, has an excellent camera, including a panorama function:

Honestly, I found St. Louis to be fine, the area we stayed felt secure and central.  I met a friend who works there for dinner near my hotel, and the area seemed pretty lively and safe.  Dinner was excellent, good food (tapas!), good drinks (sangria!), and most importantly, good company (!!!).  Taking this trip was something of a treat, since my meeting was on Friday (which is unusual) I was able to go without missing much school.  I don’t expect to be able to take too many other work trips in the next few months, but I am hoping for some fun travel over Spring Break.  Stay tuned!


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