Quick Update

Here’s what’s been going on on the work, school, and Foreign Service front:


After a couple days sightseeing in Seattle, I had to actually do some work, then head down to Portland with colleagues for another meeting.  We did manage to take in some sights in and around Portland though, so I’m including some pictures.


Just before heading home, I got an email from my boss about another quick trip next week, this time to San Francisco!  So, looks like I’ll be heading back West in a few days.  I haven’t been to San Francisco in about 15 years, but I remember really liking it so I’m looking forward to doing a little sightseeing in any downtime I come across.


Due to a slight scheduling mix-up, I realized a few weeks ago I had registered for overlapping classes.  After much research on possible contingencies, I rearranged some things in my schedule to decrease the overlap, although it’s not gone entirely.  But hopefully my teachers will be understanding, or better yet not notice me leave class early once a week!  I’ve ordered my books, and oh, note to self, I need to re-up my Amazon Prime student membership.  If you’re enrolled in college classes, I recommend getting in on this for free shipping and other benefits!

Foreign Service:

I’m still in background, and was unpleasantly surprised to get back to my office today to discover our HR department JUST received a request for my employee file– on the day my investigation was supposed to be completed.  Nothing like waiting until the last minute!  I followed up with HR and wasn’t too happy when the rep on the other end of the phone commented offhandedly that since it was more than an employment verification request, they submit it to a different office and that office can “take forever” to get back to them.  NOT what one wants to hear when the only thing standing between one and one’s dream job is an HR office that apparently moves like molasses. (Okay, I realize there ARE a couple other hurdles, but let’s face it, this IS the big one!)

Still, I’m trying to remain calm and zen about the background check process; I know these investigations can take an extremely long time, and so far things have moved along quickly.  I’m staying hopeful that the person I spoke to was just more cynical than me, and will be proven wrong by the quick response from the office that holds my file.  And, in the meantime, I’m scouring the company directory for the names and contact numbers of people I can call (stalk) to encourage (harass) them to respond to the State Department’s request for my employment file.  But I’m remaining calm and zen about the whole thing.


Finally, I just want to wish my Mother a Happy Birthday, since I know she’ll read this, and probably before I see her in a few hours for her birthday brunch.  So Happy Birthday Mommy!


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