What’s Next?

I realize it has been a few weeks, so here’s the quick update:  exams: completed, grades still pending.  Summer program in The Hague: over.  Back in DC, and back at work.

I successfully made it from The Hague to my 8:20 AM Sunday flight out of Amsterdam through some creative travel planning.  Arrived back home on July 1st, and immediately began wondering where I get to go next!  Unfortunately for the time being I’m staying put, although there’s the possibility of some state-side work travel later this summer.  I was lucky to come home to power in my condo building, since most of the DC metro area was still in a blackout after an enormous storm that I’m glad was over before my plane landed, but I’m sort of sorry to have missed!  Even my office lost power, so we got a day off on Monday.  Between that and the 4th, last week did not really get me back settled into my old routine.

I’m enjoying not being in school.  It was nice to spend a month just concentrating on school, and not work, and now it’s just as nice to only have to worry about work, not school.  And since I’m back in the US, I can move forward on my medical and security clearances for the Foreign Service.  Last week I met with my  security investigator and had my medical appointments; things are looking good and seem to be moving along quickly.  My references from work have all been contacted, so if I put you down as a reference for something, expect to hear from an investigator soon.  It was interesting to be on the receiving end of the personal interview; it has been a while and it has changed somewhat from when I used to conduct them.  I had to laugh (inside) at some of the questions, because I remember having trouble saying them with a straight face.  But I always did, and people almost always responded in kind, even though on the inside they had to be thinking ‘are you kidding me?  What kind of question is that?’

While things seem to be moving along, it will probably still be at least a few weeks before I hit the register.  I didn’t expect to be on the list before the September class was selected, and even if I was I didn’t expect to be high enough to get an offer.  Invitations started going out yesterday, and it’s been interesting to read the postings on the Yahoo! groups as people get their offers, and others try to predict how far down the list will get invites.  But based on what I’m seeing, I am more and more hopeful that once I am on the list, I will get an invite.  Maybe I’ll get to start the new year with a new job!

Lastly, Thomas Lubanga, the war criminal mentioned here, was sentenced to 14 years.  In case anyone was waiting to hear the outcome of the sentencing hearing we attended.


2 thoughts on “What’s Next?

  1. If you’re home for the summer, does that mean you’re home for Labor Day weekend? Cuz I was down to DC last weekend (the weekend of the big storm) and I missed you! But kiddo and I are venturing down for the long weekend. Let’s get together!!!


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