Study Break

This will have to be quick, since I have two exams to study for.

First, results for the June 2012 FSOT just came out, so congratulations to those who passed and good luck on the PNQs.  To those who did not, I hope you all sign up for the exam again next year.  The entire process is rough, but for both the written and oral tests, I agree with the advice that taking it is the best way to study for it.  If you’re committed and have the patience and perseverance to pursue this multi-year process, eventually you’ll succeed.  The record I’ve heard is of someone who took the FSOT 26 times, and is currently serving as an FSO. That may just be an urban legend, but it certainly made me determined to stick it out.

Second, my time in The Hague is wrapping up; I fly back to the US this weekend.  However, before I get to leave, I have to take two, three hour exam.  AND the weather just improved dramatically…today we passed 80 degrees!  Unfortunately I can’t enjoy it as I am, of course, studying hard 😉

Finally, I was able to get in contact with the security clearance folks, since I hadn’t heard from an investigator yet and was worried my file had gotten lost on someone’s desk.  Turns out my investigation actually started a while ago, they just haven’t needed to talk to me yet.  So, if you got a call about me, it shouldn’t have come as a huge surprise since I told you I was listing you when I got all your contact details for the form!  I was pleasantly surprised when they told me the investigation should be completed in mid-August!  I don’t have any hope of an offer for the September A-100 class; I don’t think I’ll be high enough on the register to even get a last minute offer, but the next few classes could be a possibility.  Which of course raises a whole other litany of issues I’ll have to share in another post sometime.

I’ll update later with more pictures and events in the last week or so of my program; right now I mostly just needed to take a short break in my studying.


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