Five Things I Do Differently Overseas

Many people don’t believe me when I tell them I act differently when I travel or am overseas, than I act day-to-day at home.  So, I’d like to share a few, common place examples of what I’ve done differently since getting to The Hague.  I always tell myself I will try to act at home more like I do overseas, but it NEVER works.  But I’ll still make that same resolution when I come home in a few weeks.

5.  I’ve become very domestic– at least for me.  I make my bed.  I eat breakfast.  I make lunch and dinner.  I clean my dishes right away, not using a dishwasher, even though we have one.  I fixed the washer/dryer and was the first person to use it and actually end up with dry clothes after two hours.  Next, I tackle the coffee machine.

4. I’m on time.  Not only am I on time, but I become the drill sergeant who makes other people on time also.

3.  I only hit my snooze once, instead of the normal three or four times.  And it is only five minutes, not nine, so I end up with all this extra time in the mornings!

2.  I get out and about.  Go to a museum, meet folks at a bar, visit a neighbor’s apartment.  I am planning day/afternoon trips to neighboring towns (so far these plans have been postponed by weather, but it has to stop raining sometime, right?).  At home, I go to work, I go to school, I go home.  On the weekends I study.  I wish there were more hours in the day, but then I’d spend them sleeping.

1.  Leisure time at home = catching up on favorite tv shows.  Leisure time in The Hague = sitting on the balcony reading for pleasure.  And the pièce de résistance— I haven’t even touched the TV or TV remotes since I’ve been here.  The only TV-watching I’ve done has been the football (soccer) game at the hookah bar, and probably the Netherlands vs. Germany game tonight.  For those who know me, it’s a pretty impressive feat.  I’m almost done with my third book (hooray for Kindle!), which is more reading than I’ve done in probably the last year.  It’s fantastic!

I’m sure there are many other little things I do differently as well.  Perhaps I’ll post another list at some point.



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