Netherlands 0, Denmark 1

First, I request a moment of silence for that poor, pathetic excuse of a football (soccer) game between The Netherlands and Denmark yesterday.  Despite being the heavy favorites (or so my classmates who pay attention to this stuff tell me they were)  The Netherlands lost to Denmark 1-0.  They just had NO AIM at the frickin’ goal!  It’s not like they couldn’t get the ball, I mean they were on the offensive for most of the game, they just kept MISSING!  Okay I’m done.  I don’t really follow soccer but you know what they say…’when in Rome…’  or in this case, The Hague.  Everything’s been decked out in orange since we got here, but the color saturation definitely increased yesterday pre-game.

My roommates and I checked out Escher in the Palace, which displayed many of M.C. Escher’s works throughout the winter palace of Queen Emma, which was maintained as a historic landmark.  So it’s really a twofer, art museum and tour-able palace.  I personally was much more interested in the Escher half of the tour, although there were some beautiful chandeliers and furniture pieces throughout.  I’ve been an Escher fan since my Dad first introduced me to him, which I think was in college when I told him I had signed up for Symmetry.  You laugh, but it’s hard.  There are 17 different kinds of symmetry, and for our final we had to turn in a project demonstrating each of them in Escher-like tessellations.

By the time we left the museum, bars near our apartment were quickly filling up with fans to watch the football game, which wouldn’t start for an hour.  We made it back to our apartment, and I decided to go watch the game at a bar with some other classmates on the program.  We didn’t leave quickly enough and found a lot of the bars we walked past were already full.  We finally stumbled upon a Hookah bar where we were able to grab seats enough for our rather large group.  We had a good time and got pretty into the game, and the requisite orange!  Unfortunately the bar didn’t serve food, so by the time the game was over we were ready to eat.  We ended up at a Greek place nearby which was good if not what we would expect to be eating in the Hague!

My classes are only Monday-Thursday, so I had Friday off as well.  I used the day to catch up on some leisure reading, and take a nice walk around an area I hadn’t seen yet, I guess because it’s not really the center-touristy area of The Hague.  I’m attaching some pictures below.  Despite the consistent rain the first few days, we’ve had pretty nice weather since; some patches of rain and cloudiness, but matched by sunny, clear skies.  So I’ve been trying to snap pictures when the sky allows it.  Today, I need to get going on my school reading, but I’ve made a habit of sitting out on our balcony to do it– at least I can get some fresh air even if I have to be studying!


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