Location: Den Haag

Well, after what seemed to be a loooong trip, but was really only about 11 hours of travel time, I arrived in The Hague, found the apartment rental office we were instructed to walk to — and did so without getting lost or having to ask for directions, which we all know is a huge accomplishment for me– made it to my apartment, met my roommates, and met about half the other students on my program, since a majority of us have apartments in the same building.  The apartment is really nice, it’s a three bedroom, two story apartment that looks like it fell out of an IKEA catalog.  Amazingly, me and my two roommates each have our own rooms, which was unexpected but definitely a bonus.  I told them they should be happy, because it will allow me to keep my mess contained and confined to my area, and not bother them.

We went out to eat with about a dozen other people at a bar a few blocks away called September.  We didn’t notice the name at first and were confused as to why they had a “September Wine List” in June.  We were very proud of ourselves when we were able to make sense of that.  I should also point out that we were all pretty sleep-deprived at this point.

It’s 10 pm, and still light out which is really messing with my already sleep deprived head.  The light is going to take a bit of getting used to.  As much as I’d like to post some pictures I realize what I forgot to pack: the USB cord for my cameras.  So unfortunately pictures will have to wait until I get back home.

Overall, a good first day, good to meet other people, share some food, and get to know each other a bit before classes actually start.  Here’s hoping tomorrow brings more new friends, food, and sites, and here’s definitely hoping I get to experience all of them on more sleep than I’m currently working off of.  G’night!


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