Netherlands Bound!

So, this time next week I’ll be on my way to The Netherlands!  Four weeks in The Hague, studying international criminal law and legal perspectives on terrorism full time!  I realize that may not sound fantastic to anyone else, but to me, to be able to study full time and not have to split my attention with my job, and to be taking two courses that are basically the reason I decided to go to law school, and to do it all in at the hub of the international legal world… yep, that’s my idea of a vacation!  Okay, my real idea of a vacation is an Alaskan cruise or hiking in Macchu Pichu, but since I’m using all my vacation days from work to go on this program, I sure as heck am going to make the best of it.

To that end, I’m looking for advice from anyone who has visited/lived in/spent any time at all in The Hague.  Classes are in the morning, and while I’ll have plenty of homework to keep me busy, I’d like to take in the sights while I’m there.  Any suggestions?  I’ve found guidebooks don’t really have very much to say about The Hague; they all focus on Amsterdam or suggest if you want to see something other than Amsterdam, visit Delft.  And while I do plan to hit both those cities, I’d still like to keep busy and entertained in my afternoons/evenings.  So, things to see or do, things/places to eat or drink, throw them my way.  And if you’re going to be nearby let me know maybe we can explore together on a weekend!

Of course, I will be significantly distracted the entire time I’m there about my clearances for the Foreign Service.  I won’t be able to start the medical until I return as it takes a few days to get all the tests done and I just don’t have time before I leave.  So I’ll have to get an extension on that.  And the security investigation won’t be a problem, but they said the investigator will contact me about 30 days after my Oral Assessment, which would be about a week before I get back from The Hague.  So, I’m debating if I should call and tell them I won’t be here.  I don’t want to delay it until I get back, they can do most of the investigation without talking to me, and if they postpone it who knows when it will start.  I’d rather they make headway, and if they call me and I’m not stateside, well we can just schedule a meeting when I get back.  This would probably be a good time to mention that if you’re one of the people I listed as a reference– and you (should) know who you are– you may be getting a call about me sometime in the next couple months.  You all know the drill.


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